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Frequently Asked Questions

Online courses can be taken from anywhere. For the onsite courses, the locations will be announced when partnerships with universities are established.  At the moment, we are offering an online-onsite course in Vietnam.

Participants must register for the complete modules.  Payments can be made in installments for the onsite course.

No other charges will be applied.

Orthodontists form emerging countries interested in complementing their knowledge are encouraged to apply.  Dentists from countries where no specialty programs are offered may also be interested in this program.

You may join the online program at any time.

You cannot join the online-onsite program once it has started.

Yes you may leave the course, however no refunds will be provided.

Under special circumstances, you will be allowed to postpone onsite modules.  We will try our best to find a spot for you in a future onsite offering.

Under special circumstances and if credit is provided, some of the content for this course may be used by teachers.