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Welcome to the International Federation for Dental Education website

This site is dedicated to quality online continuing education for the dental professional.

The modular curriculum created by the International Foundation for Dental Education™ is based on a blended learning delivery approach. Most of the instructions and course material will be delivered online complemented by webinars, quizzes, and discussion groups.

The online content will be reinforced by onsite visits where each module's information will be studied, analyzed, and discussed. Useful practical exercises will be supervised by our clinical staff to insure that concepts presented are well understood by all participants prior to completing the course.

Feel free to explore the site and register for one of our future courses. Right now we offer courses in Vietnam only but look forward to expanding to more countries in the future.

The main author of this website is Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey, Director of Orthodontics, McGill University. For more information about the author, please visit www.retrouvey.com.

Want more information? Send us an email at info@discoverortho.com